Halbosi and Al-Maliki, to discuss developments in the political and security situation in the country

  • 25-05-2019, 10:33
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    House speaker Mohamed Al-halbusi, search with the head of State of law Coalition Noori al-Maliki, the political and security developments in the country.

    And according to the information Office of the speaker of the House in a statement sent to the Iraqi News Agency (INA) said Saturday that the meeting stressed the importance of activating the role of the House of representatives, uniting efforts of parliamentary blocs, broken laws and important legislation affecting the lives of citizens and contribute to providing services that meet their needs, and work to strengthen the State institutions through the revitalization of the supervisory role in the fight against corruption and pursue implementation Government program.

    At the level of the security developments in the region pointed to the need to move away from threats that will create tensions and threaten stability, and emphasize the importance of Iraq sought to end these tensions and escalation, in order to maintain the security of the region and Iraq.