Iraqi Stock Exchange records over 628 ID

Tuesday 21st May 2019 - 17:54

Iraqi Stock Exchange records over 628 ID


Iraqi Stock Exchange recorded on Tuesday that the number of the stocks reached 3.515.466.186.

The value of the stocks recorded 628.093.510 ID.

The price index closed at the end of today’s session at 490.23 point higher than the previous day in 1.68% where the previous day recorded 482.21 points.

The number of companies included in the market reached 30 out of 103 where the over 22 companies were suspended by the decision of Securities Commission for breaking the terms.

The sold stocks to Iraqi investors reached 131.798 million for ID 58.819 million during 41 deal between 6 companies.

On the other hand, the sold stocks to non-Iraqi investors reached 38.325 for ID 9.159 million during 22 deals between 4 companies.