A Meeting between Egypt and Iraq PMs, al-Dulaimi

Tuesday 21st May 2019 - 15:08

A Meeting between Egypt and Iraq PMs, al-Dulaimi


Iraq ambassador to Egypt and the representative of Iraq in the Arab League Ahmed al-Dulaimi and the Minister of International Investment and Cooperation of Egypt Sahar Nasr discussed the preparations and the coordination between the two to hold the meeting of Iraqi-Egypt high joint committee.

This meeting is to be held in Baghdad soon and to be headed by PM Adel Abdul Mahdi and the counterpart Mustafa al-Madboli.

 “A draft was set to include agreements and MOUs proposed by Egypt,” said al-Dulaimi.

On her part, Nasr explained that Egypt government is keen on making the meeting very soon considering it as one of the most important means to activate the cooperation between the two countries.

This meeting was announced earlier to be held in the last month and it was postponed by Egypt.