The Parliament discusses US attacks on our security forces

Saturday 18th May 2019 - 19:32

The Parliament discusses US attacks on our security forces

 Baghdad - INA

 The House of Representatives discussed at its 18th meeting held under the chairmanship of Mohammed al-Halbousi, President of the Council on Saturday in the presence of 183 deputies US attacks on the security forces in Kirkuk and the abolition of the integration of the Ministry of Environment in the Ministry of Health as well as the end of the discussion of the ration card items

In the beginning of the meeting, Halbousi directed the formation of a parliamentary committee headed by the first deputy speaker of the House of Representatives and the membership of three deputies to prepare criteria for evaluating the performance of ministries, which are distributed to the permanent parliamentary committees for the purpose of presenting an integrated report at the end of the legislative term.

MP Majid al-Waeli read out a statement to a coalition that denounced the peaceful demonstrators in Najaf province demanding the prevention of corruption and the detection of the spoilers of attacks that led to the death of 4 demonstrators and wounding 20 others, calling for the exercise of parliamentary responsibility to maintain the professionalism of official investigations and to prevent future attempts to silence the voices claimed The rights of the people and the prevention of corruption and the issuance of a decision to consider the victims of Najaf of the martyrs and compensation of the wounded and the application of the law and the imposition of the death penalty against the killers of demonstrators, and commended the role of the Human Rights Committee in the House of Representatives to visit them to Najaf And the visit to the families of the victims and security officials in the province.

MP Adnan Vihan, the applicant for the discussion that what happened in the city of Kirkuk targeting the security forces and a fire in the vicinity of Spyker Base demonstrates the presence of US combat forces using the Iraqi airspace and territory without any coordination with the competent authorities, stressing the importance of issuing a parliamentary resolution guaranteeing The sovereignty of Iraq and compel the government to inform the Council of the number of US forces and bases, such a presence needs the approval of the House of Representatives