Basra oil: The transfer of Exxon Mobil offices to Dubai will not affect the productive capacities of oil or gas

  • 18-05-2019, 14:57
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     Baghdad -INA

    The Basra oil company, on Saturday, the transfer of Exxon Mobil operator field West Qurna / 1 offices from Basra to Dubai, asserting that there are no indications of security threats in Basra for oil companies operating in the fields.

    A company Exxon Mobil operator West Qurna / 1 has transferred its offices from Basra to Dubai in a temporary precautionary measure, a statement from the company told the Iraqi news agency INA that it did not affect the productive capacities of Crude oil or natural gas will not affect the project development or maintenance work programmed in the field because it is originally managed jointly by the staff of Basra Petroleum Company under the supervision of the operator Exxon Mobil, and therefore the company's operating companies will conduct the same advisory work from its offices in Dubai.

     He added that the production of West Qurna / 1 field reaches 440_490 thousand barrels per day of crude oil and 150_200 million cubic feet of natural gas. He pointed out that the field of projects is witnessing many development and large of the most important bank insulation IOT 1 card 100 thousand barrels, which is expected to open in June next