MOT calls the investors to work in Iraq

Wednesday 15th May 2019 - 17:39

MOT calls the investors to work in Iraq


Minister of Trade Muhammed al-Ani announced upon the agenda of the government delegation’s visit headed by PM Adel Abdul Mahdi to Turkey.

He also called on the investors to invest and work in the country.

Al-Ani expressed that this comes under the pretext of the brotherly relations between the two countries and the keenness of supporting the mutual cooperation ties in terms of economy and trade to reach out the highest levels of mutual cooperation.

 “After the great victory against the terrorist groups, the next phase requires reconstruction operations that will open up the way to the Turkish companies to invest in this. They have wide ranged experience in this regard especially that the new government is working supporting the private sector and engage it in the economic growth process,” added al-Ani.