INA publish the decisions of the Council of Ministers

Monday 29th April 2019 - 16:31

INA publish the decisions of the Council of Ministers



Baghdad - INA



The Council approved the recommendation of the Ministerial Council for Energy on the amendment of the establishment of the South Gas Company. Recommendations of the Ministerial Council on Energy on the following:


A. Basra Oil Company


B. Exclude companies of the Ministry of Water Resources from the ceiling specified in the direct implementation instructions.


The Council of Ministers voted on the exception of the Iraqi Council of Representatives from the instructions for the implementation of government contracts (2 of 2014) and its controls, for the purpose of completing the work of maintenance and addition of new construction of the buildings of the Council mentioned above.


The Council also discussed the priorities of the draft laws.


During the meeting, discussions were held on the projects of the schools of the stilted iron structures. The Council listened to a detailed report on their current situation and achievement rates and took the necessary measures.


The Council voted to market the local wheat grown outside the agricultural plan for the season / 2019.


The Council voted to authorize the Council of Ministers to cancel or amend the decisions of the Revolution Command Council.


The Council of Ministers also approved an agreement to implement the map of the development of the electricity sector in Iraq in cooperation with Siemens Company.


-Media Office of the Prime Minister

-29 April 2019