President Salih Receives the Union of Radio and TV Networks

Tuesday 23rd April 2019 - 16:14

President Salih Receives the Union of Radio and TV Networks


President Barham Salih received a delegation representing the Union of Iraqi Radio and TV Networks, headed by the Secretary-General of the Union Hamid Al-Husseini, at the Presidential Office in Baghdad on Tuesday.

Salih praised the Iraqi Radio and TV Networks Union's role in covering the events in Iraq, disseminating facts, and addressing the takfiri ideologies, which Daesh terrorist groups tried to spread.

He asserted the necessity of spreading the concepts and principles of true Islamic religion as well as consolidating the culture of tolerance in a manner that enhances unity among Iraqis.

“Media has a significant humanitarian message. It must be credible and objective when raising thoughts, conveying information, and adhering to frameworks and societal norms in order to be effective, interactive, and in line with the aspirations and concerns of the people,” added the president.

For his part, the Secretary-General Al-Husseini reviewed the activities and work of the Union as well as the role it plays through adopting a consistent media policy that embodies Islamic principles and addresses the deviant extremist approach.