INA publishes the final statement of Baghdad Summit of parliaments of neighboring countries of Iraq

  • 20-04-2019, 12:44
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     Baghdad - INA

    Final communique

    Under the slogan: stability and development.

    20 April 2019

    We are the heads of parliaments and representative councils of the neighboring countries of Iraq, meeting in Baghdad on Saturday 20 April 2019 at the summit of the first of its kind, at the invitation of the Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Mr. Mohamed Al Halbousi, In order to enhance the depth of our community relations, and in our interest to the future of Iraq and its people and the future of the peoples of our region in general, we affirm the following:


     First, the participants affirm the support of the stability of Iraq and the preservation of its territorial integrity and its social fabric, after its great victory over the terrorist ISIS , and they consider the stability of Iraq necessary in the stability of the region and contribute its return with all its political and economic weight and creative human resources to its Arab and regional environment. As well as its stated parliamentary and governmental policy of maintaining relations of neighborly relations with all and without interference in its internal affairs.

    Second: The participants affirm that the victory achieved by Iraq over ISIS has become a common ground for all the peoples of the region to start a new page of cooperation and building and support the community dialogue, and to build mutual understandings on new bases in the future based on supporting development and investment and building a network of relations Integration among their peoples.

    Third: Emphasize the importance of supporting moderation and combating extremism in all its forms, especially as it is the people of the region who pay the price of extremism.

    Fourth: The participants affirm the support of the process of building, reconstruction and development in Iraq, and encourage investment opportunities in various fields of education, health, industry, information technology, culture, trade, finance, free zones and other life facilities, both in the public and private sectors and supporting the reconstruction of liberated cities Terrorist infrastructure and rehabilitate its infrastructure to provide job opportunities for returning displaced people to their cities.

    Fifth: Emphasizing the support of the political process and democracy in Iraq in all its tracks, which resulted in the holding of elections and the completion of the selection of the three presidencies according to constitutional entitlements, so as to ensure the participation of all components and political forces to achieve a prosperous future for the people of Iraq.