Al-Halbusi meets the president of CNEMA

Wednesday 17th April 2019 - 17:46

Al-Halbusi meets the president of CNEMA


Speaker of Iraqi Parliament Muhammed al-Halbusi received the president of France's national commission for the elimination of anti-personnel mines (CNEMA) Gerard Chesnel in Baghdad.

Al-Halbusi offered his condolences for the Notre Dame fire saying that it Notre Dame represented a universal historical citadels.

During the meeting, both discussed the cases of war remnants and the damage that many people have been through as well as the efforts that must be made to remove the mines, especially in the recaptured places.

The Speaker also thanked France for supporting Iraq in the fight against terrorism, noting that cooperation is needed to end extremism that is targeting everyone.

The French delegation expressed their appreciation for the Iraqi efforts to maintain stability and that France understands very well the situations in Iraq because France suffered from extremism crimes.