President Values the Role of Tribes in National Unity

Wednesday 17th April 2019 - 16:03

President Values the Role of Tribes in National Unity


President Barham Salih received a number of tribal leaders and Sheikhs of Iraq.

The meeting included the attendance of Sheikh Maad al-Samarmad, the Emir of Zubaid tribes, Emir Mohammed Rabia al-Emara of Rabia tribes, and Emir Sabah al-Hanash of Tai tribes as well as Sayyid Jaafar al-Husseini, at the Presidential Office in Baghdad on Wednesday.

At the onset of the meeting, Salih welcomed the tribal leaders of Iraq, and emphasized the importance of the role of Iraqi tribes in solidifying the foundations of national unity, strengthening the social fabric, and enhancing the national ranks in the country.

The President valued the great sacrifices made by the sons of the tribes in the fight against ISIS.

President Salih called on clans and tribes to effectively support and bolster the work of the Government to accomplish and fulfil the government program on combating corruption, achieving justice, and delivering services to the people.

For their part, the visiting delegation demonstrated the role of tribes in combating terrorism and attaining civil peace.

They valued the President’s role in enhancing national unity and cohesion among the people.