Artists praise the first Monodrama Festival in Basra

Friday 12th April 2019 - 14:58

Artists praise the first Monodrama Festival in Basra

 Basra - INA - Safaa Alwan

The festival, which was attended by about 180 local and Arab art personalities, was praised by artists participating in the Basra Festival, the first monodrama, pointing out that it witnessed cultural exchange and great interaction between Iraqi and Arab artists.

In turn, the representative Ghaleb Jawad told the Iraqi News Agency that Basra and all provinces, need to such festivals reflect the direction of culture and prosperity of the movement.

While the director Faris Tohma, that "the festival of Basra Monodrama moved resident in Basra and its cultural street.

The actress thanked the star of the management of the festival, which brought us together with our Arab brothers and created this refuge from interacting with them, where the festival witnessed a variety of works in which cultures converged.