Haddad follows up Dokan and Darbandikhan Dams situations

Monday 08th April 2019 - 11:44

Haddad follows up Dokan and Darbandikhan Dams situations

Baghdad- INA

The Second Deputy of the Parliament’s Speaker Basheer Haddad made several phone calls today to pursue the situation in Dokan and Darbandikhan Dams, and the damages that occur due to the torrents and floods hitting the region these days.

Haddad’s Media Office issued a statement saying that he talked by phone with the high rank officials in Sulaimania Governorate, and the managers of both dams.

Haddad ordered to call up all possible technical and administrative efforts to push back the crisis in order not to have any lives losses, and lessen   damages in materials, and he called to form a crisis cell in the governorate and follow up teams consist of the governorate’s representatives to put strategic plans encircling the possible dangers, the statement added.

The statement referred that Haddad said that field visits would be done to the southern governorates affected by torrents and floods to cooperate with their administrative units and crisis cells closely, the statement concluded.