OIC Trade Fair kicks off in Baghdad

Sunday 07th April 2019 - 18:24

OIC Trade Fair kicks off in Baghdad


Organization of Islamic Cooperation – OIC Fair kicked off in Baghdad on Sunday.

Many Arab and International companies have participated in the Fair that represented the Private and Public sectors that was organized by the United Company for Fairs & Conferences, Ministry of Trade – MOT.

The fair was under the pretext of (Towards economic completion between OIC) and will last for few days in cooperation with the Islamic Centre for Trade Growth.

“This economic phenomenon brings together the Islamic countries together and aims at enhancing the economic relations as well as develops the mutual cooperation,” said the Senior Under-Secretary of MOT Waleed al-Mosawi.

He also explained that Iraq is giving a hard work in terms of enhancing the position in the Arab region and the worldwide too, especially after achieving the victories against Daesh terrorist groups.

For his part, the General Manager of United Company for Fairs and Conferences Hashim al-Sudani expressed that this is considered as a big economic event that reflects the interest of Iraqi government in such cooperation.

“The Trade data between Islamic countries recorded over $481 billion during 2017 and we hope it will increase during the upcoming years to reflect the strength of the Islamic countries ties,” added al-Sudani

The Ambassador of OIC to Baghdad Salih al-Sha’ri praised the Iraqi organized workflow in the 16 trade fair after the victory achieved against Daesh terrorist groups, saying “This is a great chance for the Islamic countries to achieve a progress in the economic field,”