Foreign Ministry of Jordan: put the flag of the Kurdistan region instead of the Iraqi flag during the reception of Barzani error protocol

  • 6-04-2019, 16:41
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     The Jordanian Foreign Ministry confirmed on Saturday that the status of the Kurdistan Region flag without the Iraqi flag during Barzani's reception was an unintentional protocol error

    In a statement received by the official Iraqi News Agency , the Spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Affairs, Ambassador Sufyan Al-Qudahat, affirmed Jordan's firm stance in supporting Iraq's security, stability and territorial integrity , stressed that Iraq which has achieved a historic victory over terrorist gangs Stability of the region .

    He expressed the Kingdom's pride in its relationship with all the Iraqi people's components within the framework of the unified Iraqi state and in the context of Jordan's steadfast position in standing up to Iraq in the process of rebuilding and stabilizing stability.

    The official spokesman referred to the reception of Prince Faisal bin al-Hussein to the former president of the Kurdistan region of Iraq Massoud Barzani yesterday. That the status of the science of the Kurdistan region of Iraq without the Iraqi flag was an individual error unintended protocol, and stressed that Jordan's support for the unity and cohesion of Iraq is a stable Jordanian position does not change expressed by the Kingdom in word and deed.