Ghadhban: MOUs to be activated after PM visit

Friday 05th April 2019 - 15:46

Ghadhban: MOUs to be activated after PM visit


Minister of Oil and Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Thamir Ghadhban asserted that the Memorandums of Understanding between Iraq and Saudi Arabia is paving the way for official agreement between the two.

He also noted that these agreements won’t be activated unless of legislating a law by the parliament and it is to be done after the visit of PM Adel Abdul Mahdi to Saudi Arabia soon.

Both sides are ready to activate the terms of the memorandum as the political will requires by the two countries in terms of enhancing the mutual ties and forgetting the past, stated Ghadhban.

This memorandum also framed the political, military and security ties as well as framed the Energy, Industry, Economy, Agriculture, Environment, Transportation, Harbours, Airports, Visa, Education and Culture Exchange.