PM meets the head of USIP

Wednesday 03rd April 2019 - 20:06

PM meets the head of USIP


PM Adel Abdul Mahdi met the head of U.S. Institute of Peace – USIP Nancy Lindborg and the accompanying delegation on Wednesday.

Abdul Mahdi presented the recent updates in Iraq in terms of stability, unity and coexistence among social components under the pretext of respecting the religious pluralism and democracy.

He also presented the vision of the government to make strong relations and cooperation ties with all the Arab and regional countries to enhance the chances of economic growth and keeping the region apart from conflicts.

On her part, Lindborg praised the new developments in Iraq and the government plans to maintain social unity and stability as well as economic growth in Iraq and the surrounded region too.

She also expressed their readiness for cooperation and support to the government and to the civil society organizations for all such efforts enhances stability and security as well as social reconciliation and democracy.