Al-Halbusi: Iraq has fully overcome the political sectarianism

Wednesday 03rd April 2019 - 15:05

Al-Halbusi: Iraq has fully overcome the political sectarianism


Speaker of Iraqi Parliament Muhammed al-Halbusi asserted that Iraq has overcome the political sectarianism and no return to that era indeed as we are trying effectively to be opened up to the Arab region.

This came during his meeting with the Speaker of Lebanese Parliament Nabih Berri on Wednesday.

The meeting was attended by the First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Hassan al-Kaabi and the governor of The Central Bank of Iraq as well as other MPs and blocs leaders.

Al-Halbusi welcomed the Lebanese Speaker and the accompanying delegation as he asserted the importance of communication and mutual work between the two countries.

 “We are keen to unite the Arab stances especially, in terms of a united nation in the international events and to focus on Palestine and the Arabian originality of Jolan, Syria,” said al-Halbusi.

He also noted that the trade between the countries is highly important thus there is a keenness to enhance the trade, economy and investment with other countries.