Salih receives Lebanese Parliament Speaker

Wednesday 03rd April 2019 - 14:14

Salih receives Lebanese Parliament Speaker


Iraq's President, Barham Salih, asserted on Wednesday, that Iraq's principled constants embodied in its openness to its Arab depth and Islamic neighbouring,  away from political axes and conflicts.

Salih"s media office said in a statement, which INA received a copy of, during his reception of the Lebanese Speaker, Nabih Berri, pointed out that Iraq's policy aims to establish friendly and cooperative ties with all countries on the basis of mutual interests, and to overcome all differences to serve the interests of the people's and its development.

Salih stated that Iraq started to restore its distinguished role on both Arab and regional arena especially after achieving victory over terrorism, confirming on the importance of raising the bilateral parliamentary cooperation between the two countries through exchanging visions among Iraqi and Lebanese parliamentary committees.

President Salih welcomed the Lebanese politicians and businessmen, hailing their role in enhancing brotherly ties between the two peoples.

For his part, Berri lauded Iraq's and Lebanon's ties, adding that he discussed with Salih the outcomes of the Arab summit held in Tunisia and Iraq's central and influential role. Berri also expressed congratulations for Iraq's victory over terrorism.