Iraqi Government takes measures to Face Environmental Changes

Monday 01st April 2019 - 16:57

Iraqi Government takes measures to Face Environmental Changes

 Baghdad, INA-

The Ministry of Water Resources announced on Monday that all its capabilities have been put on alert to face the wave of intense rains, calling for support from local administrations, Hashd Shabi (Popular Mobilization) forces, and from other institutions.

A statement, issued by the Ministry and received by INA, said that "all cadres of the ministry continue their efforts to face the increasing heavy fall of rains throughout the country, receiving support from local governments, Hashd shabi and other institutions in many parts of the country."

The statement added that, 'the ministry called on its mechanical and engineering powers in a number of governorates that experience heavy rain falls, particularly in the northern, eastern and western parts.'

In its statement the ministry emphasized that its field teams are in a state of comprehensive preparedness and keep a watchful vigil on the embankments surrounding the rivers, they admit the passage of flood waves as a precaution to avert possible emergencies.The Ministry emphasizes that it keeps control over water releases and works on turning them over to the Tharthar depression. The ministry points out also that 'the flooding of some areas, which the media focused upon, occurred due to the lack of drainage systems with capacities that enable them to deal with the situation.'

The ministry alerted trespassing citizens, who live within the reaches of river basins, against the likelihood of  flood wave attacks' emphasizing that, 'All dikes and dams are functioning normally and are performing their task of containing floodwaters then divert them smoothly towards the rivers and upper Samarra dam, to be re-diverted from there to the Tharthar lake, or to the eastern and central marshlands in the southern parts' to be used in the conservation of the marshes and preserving their environmental and ecological heritage' the ministry goes on.