President Speech at Tunis Summit

Sunday 31st March 2019 - 20:04

President Speech at Tunis Summit

 This is the essence of an experience that assured us that there is no future for the region and its peoples without thinking of the future responsibly and with respect for our interests and the interests of our neighbors as well as friends and everyone concerned with building, progress, well-being and justice.

This is how Iraq works with everyone. Our last pursuit with our brothers in Egypt and Jordan for work and economic cooperation stems from this foundation.

Dear Brothers, Your Majesties, Excellencies

The cause of Palestine is still standing, and the tragedy of the Palestinian Arab people is at the forefront of the attention of all Arabs and Muslims. We believe that working in various ways within the framework of international legitimacy and relevant United Nations resolutions constitutes a necessity for joint Arab action in order to end this suffering and ensure the right of the Palestinian people to establish their State on their national soil. It is not far from this perception also, to emphasize our explicit and categorical rejection of the decision to annex the Golan, for it is an occupied Syrian territory.

We affirm our position that problems in brotherly countries of Syria, Yemen and Libya must be settled in a way that enhances the security, peace and freedom of these countries as well as our countries in general and help to eliminate the hotbeds of terrorism and extremism.

We also confirm our position that is calling for security, cultural, social, political and intellectual joint Arab action to eradicate terrorism and the means of its emergence and exacerbation.

While appreciating the sincere role of the League of Arab States in preserving the opportunities for cooperation and joint Arab action, we are with every effort to promote the work of the League in the light of these challenges and the great responsibilities entrusted to it.


Our sincere thanks and gratitude go for the brothers in Tunisia, as President, Government and people, for the good organization and hospitality, all the wishes go to the brotherly Tunisian people for steady progress, benevolence, and well-being.

Thank you very much to the League of Arab States for the important role in making this summit successful.

We meet with good and peace for the good of our countries and peoples.

Peace, mercy and blessings of God.