Iraqi President Headed to Tunisia to Participate in the Arab Summit

Saturday 30th March 2019 - 16:11

Iraqi President Headed to Tunisia to Participate in the Arab Summit

 Baghdad, INA-

Iraqi President Barham Salih headed a government delegation to Tunisia on Saturday to participate in the Arab Summit in its thirtieth session.

The Presidential information office announced, in statement received by INA, that Salih is expected to deliver Iraq's speech in the conference. It is hoped also that he will hold bilateral meetings with their Majesties and Highnesses, and the heads of participating delegations, for the purpose of developing relations and coordinating attitudes concerning a number of issues of importance on both Arab and regional levels.

The Iraqi President's participation comes as an embodiment of what he calls for about considering Iraq's need to open towards its Arab brothers and friends and join efforts to find radical solutions to the crises raging in the region and its tendency towards pacification through serious and meaningful dialogue.

President Salih's participation sets off also from Iraq's leading and vital role and its weight on the Arab arena, as well as its belief in Baghdad's insistence to be a factor of reunion between brothers in accordance with common interests as far as it may go in serving peoples in the region to achieve progress and prosperity.