Electricity Minister, directs, re- West station to service

Wednesday 27th March 2019 - 11:51

Electricity Minister, directs, re- West station to service

Baghdad, INA

Electricity Minister, Luay Al-Khateeb, directed today on Wednesday, re West station connector manufacturing to service voltage. A statement mentioned to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "al- Khateeb, directed in mobilizing the cadres of the Ministry in Nineveh, attributing the crisis cell set up to manage maintenance and restoration services to the province.

General Manager of electrical transmission, Khalid al-Ghazi, said, that the stuff of corporations Directorate in Nineveh province stands ready to cooperate with the conservative crisis cell, and work throughout the day, along with the completion of current projects, and implementation of new projects in the province."

He added as being a Development Bank Manager Housing German work underway to get the necessary customizations of German housing and Development Bank to implement several projects in the province, most notably the creation of a new manufacturing plant in Western Mosul station allowance for manufacturing high pressure (400 kV), which completely destroyed By ISIS, terrorist gangs that link the main dam station Nineveh, East Mosul station."

"This station brings down Western Nineveh which nearly half of conservative regions, will contribute to increase the absorption of electric energy conservation and that reach (1000) megawatts, in addition to "add some stability to the electricity system, and bottlenecks in the network, as well as increased Processing hours continuously throughout the day, and will hopefully accomplish the end of next year."