Al-Halbusi: Mosul needs efficient people in charge

Friday 22nd March 2019 - 14:10

Al-Halbusi: Mosul needs efficient people in charge


Speaker of Iraqi Parliament Muhammed al-Halbusi stated that there has been a recognizable dereliction in Mosul and the province needs efficient people to be in charge.

This came during a joint press conference held by the President Barham Salih and al-Halbusi on Friday.

 “This will be the last tragedy that Mosul may witness for the three presidencies will make essential solutions and the decisions will be out by the upcoming Sunday regarding Nineveh,” said al-Halbusi.

He expressed his condolences to all the families and referred to the great sacrifices offered by the people of this city during the fight against terrorism as he said, “The victory must be maintained”