MOI states the details of granting Iraqi ID

Thursday 14th March 2019 - 16:07

MOI states the details of granting Iraqi ID


Iraqi Nationality Directorate, Ministry of Interior – MOP issued an explanatory statement regarding few items in the Law of Granting Iraqi ID.

It stated that the law of Iraqi Nationality NO.26, 2006 is still valid where the unmarried can earn the Iraqi ID in case of spending 10 consecutive years according to Article C/6/First of the same law.

The statement also included a comment regarding the One Year Residence enlisted in the amendment project of Iraqi Nationality Law, where the ten year ID earning has excluded the IDPs that were forced by the previous regime and still have the unfinished official documents in the Directorate itself due to being displaced.

Those of which have earned the Civil ID but couldn’t earn the Iraqi ID for not having a recent ten-year residence.