Haddad calls for caring of victims of terrorism

Monday 11th March 2019 - 13:30

Haddad calls for caring of victims of terrorism



Deputy of Speaker of Iraqi Parliament, Basheer Haddad, called on Monday, to pay attention to the families of victims of terrorism who suffered because of military operations.

A statement issued by Haddad Media office, which INA received a copy of, that he received a Mosuli family who had suffered because of the military operations which caused the death of the father, the only son and two daughters with their kids. The only left from the family is the mother and two daughters, Dalal (15 years) who lost her left arm, and Malak (7 years) who lost her left eye and shrapnels in her arm and body.

The statement said that Haddad undertook to treat the two sisters and care for them to resume their study, calling upon the federal government to care for the victims of terrorism, demanding the humanitarian organizations to give assistance to the families that sustained due to the military operations in the liberated areas.