Iraqi-Saudi Coordination Council meets in Baghdad

Sunday 10th March 2019 - 13:38

Iraqi-Saudi Coordination Council meets in Baghdad


The coordination team of the Iraqi-Saudi Coordinating Council held its joint meeting in Baghdad to review the agenda of the coming meeting of the two sides, due to be held in Baghdad next April.

The meeting was attended by the national coordinator of the Coordinating Council, Mehdi al-Allaq, and representatives of related directorates such as Customs, Taxes and Border points. While for the Saudi side, it was attended by Abdul Rahman bin Ahmed al-Harbi, the Secretary General of the Coordinating Council and representatives of ministries of Trade and Investment and Saudi Committee of standards and quality.

Al-Allaq, during the meeting, reviewed the agreement to develop ArAr and Jemima border points, let alone the construction of the sport city donated by the Saudi King.

The meeting tackled the main memorandums of understanding due to be signed with Saudi Arabia and their follow up mechanisms in order to be signed at the joint meeting due to be held in Baghdad in the coming April.