President: Corruption is the political economy of violence

Wednesday 06th March 2019 - 19:52

President: Corruption is the political economy of violence

President: Corruption is the political economy of violence


President Barham Salih asserted that to be committed to the constitution will help maintaining a united Iraq.

During his Participation in the Sulaimani Forum, Salih stated that corruption is the “Political Economy of Violence and There must be Measures to Eliminate it,”

In a speech at the Sulaimani Forum on Wednesday, he indicated "the specificities of the Iraqi society are an enriching source for our country, not a factor of fragmentation or division"

The President clarified that all the political indicators indicate the completion of the ministerial cabinet, including the security ministries, within these days.

“Corruption in Iraq is a very big problem, and there what objectively indicating its transformation into a deep state that hinders the building of the state, its institutions, and the imposition of the rule of law in them,” he noted.

“Corruption is the political economy of violence and it perpetuates it.” His Excellency stressed.

Salih also said, “If we have not been able to eliminate corruption, we would not be able to eliminate the cycle of violence and crisis in Iraq,”

HEeSalih asserted that Iraq seeks to converge views among all on the basis of its Arab depth, and that the country is on the verge of major economic transformations and has started to emerge from the crises.

“The eradication of terrorism will not be achieved by military means only but through cooperation and regional and international support from all sides,”

The President noted that Iraq will not be a military base for any State and that everyone should respect the country’s sovereignty.

The forum was attended by two former Iraqi prime ministers, leaders of political blocs and forces, a large number of ministers, governors, heads and members of diplomatic missions in Iraq as well as former heads of states, Arab and international figures in addition to many political analysts and journalists.