President Salih adopts the First Draft Law of Speicher Martyrs

Monday 04th March 2019 - 19:43

President Salih adopts the First Draft Law of Speicher Martyrs


President Salih adopted the First Draft Law of its type for the Equity of Martyrs of Camp Speicher saying that it is a Serious Humanitarian Disaster.

Salih asserted that this is a first to bill on the case of Speicher that counts those who were murdered there as martyrs and enable their families to enjoy the legitimate rights of martyrs.

This came during a meeting headed by President Salih and Alaa al-Alwan, the Minister of Health, MP Fariq al-Sheikh Ali, and a group of families of the victims of Camp Speicher, at the Presidential Office in Baghdad on Monday.

The President called on the parliament to expedite the discussion of the decision and ratify it in recognition and fulfilment to this segment.

"The massacre of Camp Speicher is a serious humanitarian disaster. It is regrettable that it has not been dealt with it with their parents and their families in the required manner,” added Salih.

He also stressed the need to “give them the required priority and the attention in recognition of the position of these affected families and in appreciation to the pure sacrifices they have made in the defence of the sovereignty of Iraq” 

Noting that, this is a national and humanitarian duty that requires to pursue this case in all its aspects and to compensate the bereaved families with their sons.

For his part, the Minister of Health explained that his ministry has taken several measures, including the provision of medical care to the families of the martyrs in private wards free of charge.

Director of Forensic Medicine also explained the efforts exerted on the diagnosis of the remains of martyrs and the mechanisms of delivery to their families.

Deputy of the Presidency’s Chief of Staff Naim Al-Suhail reviewed the government's measures towards the appeals of the families of the martyrs of Camp Speicher as well as the consultations submitted for the legislation of the law adopted by the President.

The President also listened to the painful suffering of the families of Camp Speicher's martyrs and the magnitude of the tragedy they were subjected to at the hands of the terrorists.

He expressed his sympathy and solidarity with them and stressed his keenness to fulfil their legitimate demands.