Al-Kaabi: Iraq opens the arms to all the Arab

Monday 04th March 2019 - 16:30

Al-Kaabi: Iraq opens the arms to all the Arab


First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Hassan al-Kaabi expressed Iraq’s desire to make strong strategic relations with all the Arab and international countries that guarantee the peace, stability and prosperity in the region.

He also asserted that Iraq opens the wide arms to all the Arab brothers to stand together against the challenges and to maintain the active cooperation in different fields and cases.

This came during his meeting with the Egyptian ambassador Alaa Musa where the MP Alia Naseif has attended the meeting as well.

On his part, Musa expressed his country’s readiness to support the Iraqi Parliament and the active role it plays in terms of agreements and activating the mutual cooperation with other countries same as what has happened with Jordan.

He also explained that Iraq is an essential country in the region and has a great impact on the region.

“Iraq and Egypt both form the source of Arab Power,” added Musa.