MOC discuss new updates with Huawei and Ciena

Saturday 02nd March 2019 - 20:40

MOC discuss new updates with Huawei and Ciena


Minister of Communication Naeem al-Rubaiy was unsatisfied with the results of Huawei's workflow on the Communication projects in Iraq.

Al-Rubaiy also has given new work-plan for the Huawei as a second chance to improve its performance and give better results, "We shall do this because Huawei is considered as one of the best International companies in terms of communication solutions and infrastructure," he added.

This came after a ling meeting with Huawei-Middle east General Manager in Spain during MMC19 conference.

He also met the Secretary Manager of Ciena company and discussed the current project of the company for the ministry in terms of developing the network of the General Company of Communications and information.