The religious authority condemns the murders of Yazidis

Friday 01st March 2019 - 16:46

The religious authority condemns the murders of Yazidis

 Holy Karbala - INA

The supreme religious authority condemned the murder of the Yazidis in the Syrian province of Baguz and called for follow-up of terrorist-supporting crimes.

The representative of the religious authority Sheikh Abdul-Mahdi Karbalai during the Friday sermon, the government and international organizations and the competent authorities to follow up the murder of 50 Yazidis and cut their heads and the prosecution of the perpetrators of gangs, Karbalai called on to take swift measures to stop the crimes of supporting the terrorist in Iraq and to prevent the recurrence of what happened in Tharthar and Nkhib of crimes carried out by the right to the innocent and the pursuit of terrorists and hold them accountable.

Sheikh Al-Karbalai also warned of the phenomenon of drug abuse, which has returned a serious scourge to society, calling for a comprehensive awareness campaign to combat the drug phenomenon and legislation and support the security forces to combat the drug trade and abuse