Iraqi Leadership discuss the situation of the military presence in the country

Wednesday 27th February 2019 - 21:42

Iraqi Leadership discuss the situation of the military presence in the country

  Baghdad - INA

The spokesman said that the meeting discussed the latest developments in the political and security situation, the latest developments in the war against terrorism, the situation of the military presence in the country, the implementation of the government program and work to overcome differences.

He added that the two discussed the need to adopt visions and ideas to help the decision-makers in the political management of the country and achieve its rise and prosperity and resolve the problems facing the democratic process in Iraq. He also referred to the basic legislations that concern the citizen and the relationship between the legislative and executive authorities, pointing out that the president's sovereignty is the result of his Arab and regional tour and his participation in the Arab-European summit, which reflects the openness of Iraq to its brothers and friends.

Al-Faily explained that the Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi detailed on the developments in the security situation, especially in the liberated areas and the preparations of security forces in this regard in addition to the government's plans to deal with the services file. The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mohamed Halabousi reviewed the most important files to be addressed by the Council in its legislative chapter The next constitutional entitlements awaiting discussion by members of the House of Representatives after the resumption of the Council for its meetings next week . Al-Faily added that the two leaders stressed that the priorities of Iraqi leaders are to preserve the sovereignty of the country and to adopt a policy of self-exclusion and avoid the policy of axes and distance the country from regional and international conflicts and conflicts and be a forum for meeting,

The spokesman added that the meeting was attended by the presidents of the republic, deputies and ministers, the Supreme Court and the Federal Court and leaders of blocs and political parties and national figures and representatives of various components of Iraq.