Minister of Labor calls for the development of the abilities of disabled

Monday 25th February 2019 - 17:30

Minister of Labor calls for the development of the abilities of disabled

 Baghdad - INA

Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Bassem Abdel-Zaman said on Monday that the government has become obliged to work on developing the capacities of disabled people and training them in the labor market.

The new draft law on the care of persons with disabilities will reflect the provisions of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the Paris Club principles, the minister said in a speech at the National Conference on Persons with Disabilities. There are two mechanisms for implementing the law, Governmental and other independent monitoring.

The ministries will have to commit themselves to empowering people with disabilities economically, socially, culturally and health. The government has become obliged to develop the capabilities of people with disabilities and to engage them in the labor market.

He explained that "the ministry and after receiving the necessary funding in the budget of 2019 will include all registrants in the database of the Authority for the care of people with disabilities until 2018 salary full-time," noting that "the ministry and as a step to facilitate the procedures launched an electronic form to apply for the full-time salary and linked to the rule data.

The ministry has recently agreed with the Ministry of Health to receive 10 centers for rehabilitation of disabilities that will be effective to communicate with this segment, as well as agreement with the Ministry of Youth and Sports to establish an entertainment center to be the seed of the first entertainment centers for people with disabilities in Baghdad and the provinces . With the Media and Communications Authority to activate a toll free number (444) to be used as a hotline for complaints and queries of people with disabilities.