Baghdad 4th International Conference to Fight ISIS Media

Wednesday 20th February 2019 - 15:17

Baghdad 4th International Conference to Fight ISIS Media

INA - Baghdad 

The Fourth International Conference to Fight ISIS Media and ideology launched on Wednesday in Baghdad; under the patronage of Prime minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, with participation and attendance of representatives of more than 60 countries, international organizations, advisors, and specialists. The scientific sessions of the conference are to last for two days. 

National Security Adviser Falih Al-Fayyadh conveyed in his opening speech the thanks of the Iraqi Governments to friendly and brotherly countries who supported Iraq in the war against Isis gangs. He assured that the unity of the Iraqi people is the guarantee that will prevent the return of fanaticism, extremism and deviant thoughts manifestations; represented by elements of the terrorist organization. He went on to say- Iraq is a pillar in the stability equation of the region; that mutual coordination and cooperation between Iraq and world countries, in matters of security and information, moves under the roof of Iraqi sovereignty.

Representatives of the UN, American and British Embassies and participating countries expressed their confidence in the Iraqi security forces’ Army, Police Force, Hashid, and Peshmerga; to push on the tide of Iraqi victory, which reflected positively upon the region and the world.