Iraqi and Kuwaiti Trade Ministers talks

Wednesday 20th February 2019 - 13:45

Iraqi and Kuwaiti Trade Ministers talks

Ina- Baghdad

The first sessions of talks started in Baghdad on Wednesday between Iraqi Trade Minister and his Kuwaiti counterpart; aiming to develop commercial exchange between the two countries.

Ina correspondent said : “Iraqi Trade Minister Muhamad Al-Ani discussed with Kuwaiti counterpart ‘Khalid Naser Al-Roudan’ (upon arriving to Baghdad, heading a delegation of Kuwaiti officials and company managers) ways of  enhancing trade cooperation”. Adding that... “Al-Ani welcomed the Kuwaiti delegation for accepting the invitation to attend the meetings with managers of governmental and private companies”.  

On his side Al-Roudan also thanked the Iraqi Minister for extending the invitation, saying to Ina correspondent: “the amount of trade between Iraq and Kuwait is small; not mounting to the size of the relationship and love between the two brotherly countries. The Kuwaiti delegation will meet with the Iraqi private sector; as there are representatives of the Kuwaiti private sector; to enhance the trade between the two sides”.