President Saleh calls for overcoming political differences

Tuesday 19th February 2019 - 15:22

President Saleh calls for overcoming political differences


Dr.Salih called for the need to overcome political differences between the national parties and to adopt dialogue and understanding to achieve stability in the country.

In a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency , Salih said during a meeting with former Speaker of the House of Representatives Mahmoud al-Mashhadani on the importance of concerted action to achieve the aspirations of the Iraqi people and reconstruction of what has been damaged by terrorism.

For his part, Mashhadani praised the role played by the President of the Republic to strengthen Iraq's political standing in the world and its openness to its neighbours, brothers and friends.

The statement added that during the meeting, they discussed developments in the local and Arab arenas and the relationship between the legislative and executive authorities in order to achieve integration and coordination between them.