Curbing three violated cargos in Basra Gate

Tuesday 19th February 2019 - 12:02

Curbing three violated cargos in Basra Gate

INA- Baghdad

The Customs Commission announced today of curbing three cargos violating the valid regulations in the Basra Gate customs.

A statement issued by the commission said that three 20 feet containers were caught, two of them carrying 178 barrels of pressed plastic granules with no information of how to use them because they don’t have official papers, and the third one carrying tainted food stuff from Chinese origin.

The Southern District Customs Directorate confirmed of not issuing the official agreements for those three cargos, the statement added.

The commission, and with cooperation of other official sides in the port of Basra Gate, took the legal measures according to the valid regulations, and were sealed with the customs seal, the statement concluded.