Over 200 boy and girl bicyclists in the “I have a dream and a Bike”

Saturday 16th February 2019 - 16:15

Over 200 boy and girl bicyclists in the “I have a dream and a Bike”


Editor: Shahad J Hassan / Reporter: Minat Allah Dhahir

Around 200 bicyclists of boys and girls participated in the Carnival of “I have a dream. I have a bike” in Baghdad on Saturday.

The event was adopted by Babylon Tower Org - BTO where the race line started from Meridian Hotel towards al-Jumhuriya Bridge back and forth across Abu Nowas Street, Head of BTO Emad al-Khafaji told INA.

“The main goal behind this event is to support the idea of female bicyclists equally with males in the society,” added al-Khafaji.

He explained that many young girls and children participated as well to support the civilized theme and break the rules that hinder the female from practising freedom.

Females who participated expressed their happiness and how this step represents hope for women to practice their free will.

“I am so happy to participate in this event and my parents encouraged me to do it,” said the 19 years old bicyclist Rana Ibrahim.

She also mentioned that her brother participated with her in the event and that this will encourage women to ride a bicycle in the city.

Head of BTO also praised the role played by Baghdad Ops and the police directorates for supporting the success of the event as he asserted that this event will keep going saying, “Until we find a female that actually ride a bicycle in Baghdad”

A 25-year-old Said Muhammed said that this event is a positive step.

“It supports the positive sides of the community peace and coexistence as well as it explores the energy of the youth,” expressed Muhammed to INA.