Hatam al-Iraqi star announces support with Iraqi Art Channel

Wednesday 13th February 2019 - 14:27

Hatam al-Iraqi star announces support with Iraqi Art Channel

Baghdad, INA

Hatam al- Iraqi star announced, his full support for Iraqi channel art intending to Iraqi media network launched soon.

He stressed during his visit network headquarters, spotted studios and joint news room, that: "martial arts channel will support everything I can possibly do.  I am with you heart ,soul and art.

Hatam, told the Iraqi news agency INA,  his impressed by the developments in the network and their own transport kept pace with rapid evolution in media organizations.

He also praised the warm reception of the Iraqi media network Chief Mujahid Abu al-Hel, who confirmed that he is a "prominent supporter of culture and art", calling on all Iraqi artists to return to the homeland, participate actively and work with media network which supports the March in the country.

Iraq revealed a willingness to record national text marking his return to Iraq after years and returned home at the initiative of the media network.  was accompanied in his headquarters, the young Qusay Hatam star, poet Hazem Jaber.