PM: Iraqi decision is independent with no impositions

Tuesday 12th February 2019 - 20:47

PM: Iraqi decision is independent with no impositions


PM Adel Abdul Mahdi and the Minister of Defence Patrick Shanahan discussed enhancing the mutual relations and counter-terrorism as well as the regional situations.  

Abdul Mahdi asserted Iraq’s keenness to maintain the relations with the US and to end terrorism and Daesh.

“The political agreements must be applied of which it includes counter-terrorism and training Iraqi forces and nothing else but that,” he added while expressing that there must be no foreign troops in Iraq.

PM also called to support the efforts of maintaining stability, reconstruction and developing the economy.

He explained that Iraq achieved remarkable achievements that are well known and the country is stable now after defeating Daesh terrorist groups by the sacrifices of the people which made the life better in Baghdad and the other provinces.

“Iraq’s decisions are independent and are not under any impositions and the country is now open to the Arab and International community in addition to that we are keen in maintaining strong relations that serve the interests of the state and the people,” stated PM Abdul Mahdi.

US Minister of Defence expressed that his country do cherish the relations with Iraq and they are relieved regards the security situations and stability.

He explained that he came to listen to the vision of the Iraqi government regarding the future of the mutual relations between the two countries.