Arresting large terrorist group in Anbar

Monday 11th February 2019 - 13:23

Arresting large terrorist group in Anbar

INA- Anbar

The Spokesman of the Ministry of Interior Major General Saad Ma’an confirmed today that the operation performed by the Intelligence Directorate, leading to dismantling a terrorist cell in Anbar Governorate, is considered a highly qualitative operation in all measures since it aimed large numbers and distinguished names in the “Daesh” terrorist criminal gangs.

Ma’an said in a press conference held in Baghdadtoday, attended by INA correspondent, that the cell included 186 terrorists who were arrested due to the cooperation between Anbar Intelligence Directorate and Suqour Cell, showing that some of them had been sentenced to death before.

Ma’an added that among the arrested group is the terrorist Omar Jasim Muhammad who is involved in killing the martyr Mustafa Al-Idhari, besides killing women from Falluja.

The Spokesman mentioned many prominent names of those dangerous terrorists, clearing that their crimes varied from killing Anbar citizens, police individuals, exploding road side bombs, and participating in many terrorist operations.