President confirms documenting Daesh vicious crimes

Monday 11th February 2019 - 13:20

President confirms documenting Daesh vicious crimes

INA- Baghdad

The President Barham Salih confirmed today on the necessity of moving quickly to collect and preserve the evidences that condemn the Daesh criminal terrorist gangs with what they committed of crimes against Iraqis, and presenting all who are involved in such crimes to concerned international courts.

A statement issued by the Presidency Media Office said that the President confirmed during his meeting with the UN Special Adviser and the Head of the investigation team to inquire about Daesh crimes Kareem Khan on the big role the international organization are taking, and on the importance of keeping on touch with the concerned Iraqi authorities and civil society organizations to document what Iraqi people get subjected to of killings, persecutionand captivity by the hands of those criminal gangs, besides helping the survivors.

Salih mentioned that all Iraqi sects suffered from Daesh and other terrorist groups’ violence, and that would require serious joint and cooperative efforts to ensure performing trusty and comprehensive investigations complying with the international standards to specify the identities of Daesh individuals who are responsible of such crimes, so that they would be presented to real just trials based on evidences, the statement added.

From his side, Khan explained in details the UN efforts concerning documenting Daesh crimes against Iraqis in all their sects and doctrines, affirming the continuous work to help the survivors, the statement concluded.