painters market in Baghdad .. For art and paintings lovers

Saturday 09th February 2019 - 16:14

painters market in Baghdad .. For art and paintings lovers

 Baghdad - INA

The market of painters in the Karrada district of Baghdad, one of the oldest markets that mimic the eyes and hearts, because of the large range of shops that specialize in art and painting, which specifically embodies the reality of Baghdad and Iraq in general and personalities in the diversity of forms and levels.

The appearance of the street since the seventies of the last century, did not change the artistic features of the Academy, which is characterized by professionalism, each painter has its own privacy, some of them are characterized by realism, others natural and others copies Orientalise paintings, as well as a segment specializing in modern art.

This market was the largest gathering of painters from all of Iraq, and even the hotels near the market were inhabited by artists and painters coming from far away places, said Alaa Dawood, a shop owner at the painters' market. Known internationally and internationally, there is not in many countries like them, they contain more than 70 shops with the same profession.

This place has developed within years, and many artists have entered it. It also includes sculptural pieces that are not insignificant in their artistic value,The market includes paintings to draw abstract reality and personal images, and students of art in colleges and institutes of fine art come to this market to take the experience and lessons. The process is more and deeper than what is given to them there, and a lot of students are still with us until today, all of their needs for the materials purchased from this market, explaining that the market has become an academic drawing, where all the possibilities are eligible for that, the lessons in colleges and technical institutes mostly Theory, here we can The student can learn about the methods and methods of many painters.