MP: Embassies to follow up Iraqis medical conditions abroad

Friday 08th February 2019 - 12:15

MP: Embassies to follow up Iraqis medical conditions abroad


Member of Iraqi Parliament; Sairoon Bloc; Sadiq al-Sleti criticised few Iraqi embassies abroad for not following up the medical conditions of the Iraqis abroad of they have been continuously blackmailed.

 “Ministry of Foreign Affairs – MOFA must order the Iraqi embassies abroad to follow up these conditions, especially the ones that are currently hospital patients. They must be taken care of and defend their right for they have been blackmailed, specifically in the hospitals of India,” added al-Sleti.

Noting that there has been a case of an Iraqi family in BLK hospital, New Delhi, India where they have paid over $ 6,500 so far over a surgery of transplanting a liver.

Yet, the hospital confiscated the family passports and asking for a doubled amount of money with no further details of reasons behind such request, explained the Media Office of al-Sleti.

Al-Sleti insisted that MOFA must be keen on following up such critical cases and provide suitable and immediate solutions to it.