Abu al-Hail: IMN, IHEC aim at building a democratic Iraq

Wednesday 06th February 2019 - 16:20

Abu al-Hail: IMN, IHEC aim at building a democratic Iraq


Head of Iraqi Media Network – IMN Mujahid Abu al-Hail asserted that IMN and the Independent High Electoral Commission – IHEC aim at building a democratic Iraq.

This came during his meeting with the head of the electoral directorate of IHEC Ahmed Raheem on Wednesday.

Abu al-Hail explained that IMN is ready to support the electoral commission to accomplish its mission assigned by the constitution to hold the elections of the provincial councils just like the previous year’s public elections.

Both have discussed the main point of signing a memorandum of understanding between the two where IMN is to be the official media sponsor to the IHEC.

“The network, in this case, will be dedicated to educate the people in terms of voting and participate in the elections,” Abu al-Hail added.

The member of the electoral council Hazim al-Rudaini praised IMN and the cooperation shown by Abu al-Hail and the facilitations it provided to hinder any obstacles that electoral media faces.