PM: Iraq and Italy have chances of great cooperation

Wednesday 06th February 2019 - 13:26

PM: Iraq and Italy have chances of great cooperation


Iraqi Prime Minster Adil Abdul Mehdi said that Iraq and Italy have great chances of bilateral cooperation.

In a joint press conference with his Italian counterpart, Giuseppe Conte,  Abdul Mehdi said that the two sides discussed the importance of resume meetings of the Joint committee and ways to develop ties between Iraq and Italy, asserting that Iraq has distinguished relations with Italy and that the two countries have great chances of cooperation in various fields.

The statement went on to say that the Iraqi PM said that they discussed with the Italian delegation some of the regional and international issues and solve outstanding matters to serve interests of the two countries, pointing out that a great number of Italian companies are working in Iraq, expressing his welcome for more to come to work especially in the liberated areas.

For his part, Conte hailed the aspects of developing relations between Iraq and Italy in various fields, describing his meeting with the Abdul Mehdi as positive, referring that Iraq is facing great challenges represented in stability and welfare, lauding the Iraqi government ability to achieve that