Iraq and Japan discuss mutual relations

Monday 04th February 2019 - 17:42

Iraq and Japan discuss mutual relations


Minister of Planning Nori Sabah al-Dulaimi met Japan’s ambassador to Iraq Nafumi Hashimoto on Monday.

Both have discussed the mutual relations between Iraq and Japan as well as reconstruction and stability and the means to increase the funds to these files, in addition to making special workshops for Iraq’s different sectors.

They also made talks regarding the contribution in removing mines, war remains in the areas that experienced military operations.

Al-Dulaimi asserted to increase the means of cooperation by Japan’s experts in terms of agriculture, economy and industry, as well as the investment opportunities and the academic scholarships to improve the Iraqi facilities.

On his part, Nafumi praised the work of the MOP and he confirmed his country’s readiness to offer all kinds of support and easy loans to support the growth and sustainable development in Iraq.