Integrity: million- dollar violation inNajaf Airport documents

  • 27-01-2019, 09:09
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    Ina- Baghdad

    The Department of Investigations at the Integrity Commission revealed on Sunday it has discovered a million- dollar violation in original payment documents, issued by the former administration of Al-Najaf International Airport, to a number of companies contrary to the law.

    Ina received a copy of astatement issued by the Commission; in which the Commission said: “the operation was carried out under a judicial arrest warrant. A team of the Najaf Department of Investigations seized the original documents for advanced payments, issued to three companies with a total of one million American dollars; based on the provisions of article 331 of the Penal Code. The money was not deposited in a bank, nor was any receipt or records issued about it”.

    The statement went on: “the preliminary investigations, carried out by the team (in the airport) revealed that the Revenue Unit at the airport’s Accounts Dpt. (which disbursed the said amount) didn’t give any reasons or mechanisms for that action; which is in contrary to contexts and regulations”.

    The Integrity Commission revealed last September some violations and abuses in a number of contracts (struck by the former administration); the estimated amounts of these reaching some (16,600,000)M American dollars.