Compensation to Nineveh citizens

Sunday 27th January 2019 - 11:39

   Compensation to Nineveh citizens

Ina- Nineveh– Shurook Maher

The special committee allocated to compensate the affected Nineveh citizens announced on Sunday it has started to give compensation amounts to about 620 affected people; after checking their folders by the Central Compensation Committee in Baghdad.

Nineveh Governor Nawfal Al-Aqoob said to Ina: “The Compensation Committee started paying 620 people, who presented their requests after damages befell their properties (houses, shops, and cars) during the ISIS gang’s control”.

He added: “the sub- committee in Nineveh Governorate will announce a new batch of compensations after receiving them from Baghdad next week, and their amounts will also be handed to the citizens”.